Friday, 1 February 2008

unplanned intermission

I wrote a long long piece here, read it back and it bored even me. So you've got the brief version instead.

Little Fish's operation went extremely well; she's settled, not too sore, pleased with her tube and it all seems to be working just fine. The rest of our hospital stay was a complete nightmare and there are now investigations underway and official complaints not instigated by me but by others involved in our care on our behalf.

Mog has been unwell at the hospice but we popped along to see her tonight and she seemed pretty happy.

We should not be here at home today, but, as a result of part of the hospital nightmare, our bed at the hospice was given to someone else. We are headed that way tomorrow morning and will be staying there for a couple of nights at least.

For now, Mog is settled. Little Fish is settled. I am tired, annoyed, and going to bed.

1 comment:

Virginia said...

I am so glad the operation went well. Too bad there was excitement thrown in. Glad there is someone who will do something about it.
Try and get some rest.


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