Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I'm learning

I'm learning
  • that six o'clock is too late and bedtime needs to be earlier.
  • that if I can dress Little Fish by rolling her from side to side to pull her trousers up, she can also pull her own trousers up by rolling from side to side.
  • that this does not necessarily mean that underwear will be in quite the most supportive of positions.
  • that CPAP does not stop central apnoeas.
  • that the cuter the video, the less likely it is that blogger will let me post it,
  • and that therefore you lot will not see Little Fish being a very kind doctor with big stickers for good Mummies.
I'm thinking
  • that my parents were onto a good thing having a nice handy utility room where infuriatingly slow eaters could be sent to finish eating.
  • that it's a good thing my brother is not in a position to inform Little Fish about the usefulness of the back of the freezer as a repository for unwanted vegetables.
  • that a closed door really is no insulation against the brain-piercingly loud shrieks of a tantrumming five year old.
  • that having company really helps diffuse the tension when an overtired child does not get everything all her own way.
I'm hoping
  • that things which are improving will continue to improve.
  • that the things which are really horridly exasperatingly awful will not stay this way forever.
  • that she decides to bring her school behaviour into the home rather than bringing this home behaviour into school.
  • that we never cease to find silly things to giggle about together.
I'm also
  • wondering how tomorrow's spasticity clinic will go for Mog
  • trying to work out the feasibility or otherwise of a baclofen pump
  • and wondering if she will actually stop fitting at some point tonight.


Swift said...

Prayers for Mog and good decision-making tomorrow.

Prayers for you and LF (and Mog) as independence changes...and hope the CPAP issues sort :(

Tina said...

Hugs. Hoping for all you are hoping for in there. Praying for same.

I have to say we resorted to the alternative method with the meal rather than insisting on an empty plate. You eat what's put before you or go hungry till next meal. This worked for Joshua and Christina. Though not Jonathan.
I still resort to this at times now.
Far less stressful. But not eating your meal meant you still sit nicely at table until everyone else has finished. And if not eaten nothing offered till next meal.
Hugs. I still hate battles over mealtimes.

Signing! said...

LF has made HUGE progress, so try not to be discouraged, and remember that sometimes her "brain-piercingly loud shrieks" is actually her determination not to admit that she is painfully tired and really needs to go to bed but really doesn't want to - probably because she wants to spend more time snuggling up to you and not missing out on staying up like her big sister!!!

You also seem to be winning the battle over meal times too - she's a smart kid, and has leant that 'mummy really does mean this'! Perhaps she shouldn't be having any private chats with her uncle any time soon though!

As for Mog - I hope the clinic goes well, and that the central apnoeas disappear again, as they really aren't helpful to anyone! I gather the fitting was stopped and hope that worked for the whole night!

You are a fab mum - please don't forget it. As you can't switch your ears off, perhaps ear plugs for the next evening episode of 5yr old end of the day exhaustion?!!

sarah bess said...

creative post. you're always so entertaining.

kitchu said...

i love that i have little time for blog reading, so that when i come to visit, i get to see a handful or more of posts, all of which leave me smiling, laughing, and often shedding a tear or more.

you should consider publication. i hope you are writing a memoir. i'll be the first asking for an autograph.


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