Thursday, 2 September 2010

September Already?

Small one in a big coat, waking early and excited about going back to school. Chattering all morning about not being in Mrs Tucker's class any more, about moving up, about seeing friends and catching up with all her TAs. And then getting quieter and slower as we got closer to school, and "Mummy I am very 'cited" changing over to "Mummy I love you, can I hold your hand?"

Complete surprise when we walked past her old classroom and over to the next entrance. A sudden realisation that moving classes does actually mean moving. And then some reassurance at seeing all her old classmates waiting at the new entrance too. Proper big school now; the whistle blows and the children all line up, and Little Fish lined up with all the wrong children and had to be gently shuffled into her own line.

And then into school; it's a bit tricky to do that when you're trying to drive forwards and look backwards. Finally through the doors and there's "Mrs. Skello" her 1:1 and perhaps this might just be alright after all. One final goodbye wave and off.

More changes this year; Little Fish will be riding Mog's school bus. This isn't the perfect solution; she'll arrive late and have to leave early, but it means Mog won't be dragged out in all weathers when unwell or fitting or in spasm. At ten to five last night it was finally confirmed that LF will only ride the school bus when Mog's school is open, so could I please walk her to school myself today? Not a problem, nice to do so on her first day back I think. So Mog and I had a pleasant stroll to school, followed part of the way by the Grolly-beast whose adventures in taillessness have not yet put her off wanting to travel. We dropped her, we walked home, I sat down to write this, and a very large green and white school bus pulled up to take Little fish to school.

I do hope the rest of the term will work better.


Sleepwalker said...

What a grown-up girl! Very pretty in her red coat.

Alesha said...

beautiful picture of Little Fish! Definitely one for the memory book. :)

let's hope they get those buses figured out! LOL!!!



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