Saturday, 11 September 2010

Little Fish Would Like To Let You Know

"I did get all my own clothes on today all by myself. And, and, I did be careful and take my clothes off all by myself too! Do you know, I can dress myself now? "

Tia would like to know why Little Fish felt the need to scream for ten minutes that "My button is done up I not managing oh OH OH my button is not undone!" When she eventually stopped squawking I suggested she undid the button. Which took her 30 seconds, after which the shirt was off. But how, why, could she not have joined the dots herself?

Still, a child who can strip herself (mostly), dress herself (mostly), then go to bed, lie down, and go to sleep within minutes is much appreciated. And Mog still gets to have a good giggle over LF's screeches, so I suppose we're all winners really.



Sleepwalker said...

What a clever girl and very grown-up.

Doorless said...

LF you are awesome and such a big girl. I can just hear her giving a minute by minute commentary on her progress and Mog laughing.
Good Job, mom.

Swift said...

That's great progress in such a short space of time! Go LF!!!

I'm glad Mog's amused by proceedings :D

AlisonM said...

Well done LF!! You are a star! Lots of love from all of us.

pippinsmum said...

How lovely, three cheers fr LF, she is a quick learner

MOM2_4 said...

Well done LF! Well done Mum!! Well done Mog - giggles always help ;o)
YAY for progress!!

Alesha said...

wonderful progress this week, Tia! so glad to hear it! just imagine what another week may bring forth. :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah Little Fish- How exciting-way to go. Looking forward to hearing about other things you are learning to do.
yea too for you Tia

Weaver&Whatnot said...

Well done Little Fish!

Kitty is still quite capable of going to pieces over a done up button too... Perhaps joining the dots has less to do with it than being 5 and having a low frustration threshold??

Ashley said...

Well done, Little Miss!


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