Sunday, 14 November 2010


Eight years ago today.
One little lost baby with beautiful eyes.
In my arms
I picked her up eight years ago, and didn't put her down for another couple of years.

Tears, vomit, spasm, pain, seizures, the misery of a little bundle of woe who didn't know who she was, where she was, what this world was or what was happening to her.

And lots and lots of love.Smiles first, and then an interest in life
New skillsnew family members
all adding up to a little girl, less little now, with an enthusiasm for lifeand a determination to rule it!
Eight years ago, the ubiquitous "they" gave me a big list of "she'll never do". And, well, I suppose they were right in a way. You never have sat up, rolled over, stood by yourself, walked or talked. You will always be dependent on others for your every need, you have indeed become bigger and heavier, you've had those dislocated hips and now it looks as though your spine is on its way towards a more interesting life too. You do have those seizures they warned us about, and you have breathing stuff and feeding stuff no one mentioned.

But so what?

You are unique. You manage to extract every possible bit of enjoyment out of anything you do. There aren't many children who would get away with clouting toddlers, telling their teacher they don't want to do the lesson, teaching the professionals how clonus can do the opposite of what's expected, and showing everyone how just because you happen to be in a wheelchair, and happen to have a whole host of medical issues, there's no real reason why you can't climb mountains or fly off to Florida or rule the world around you.

Love you, little girl,


MOM2_4 said...


Jules said...

Loves this Tia, just seeing her grow...:) Beautiful!

Tina said...

We love you too little girl and your Mum and Sister. Very much. Hugs

kitchu said...

oooph. tears- i am deeply moved. what an amazing post.

and next time you fly off to see Pooh- well, he is only 2 hours from me so we must meet :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Tia & Mog.


Lisa B

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! :o))
So glad we know you and Mog and Little Fish!
Catherine xx

Anonymous said...

Wow--what a journey it has been.
And I know that you have both been a blessing to each other.
You've done a great job caring for her Tia.

Elinor said...


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful mum you are

Lucia said...

What a cutie pie! I love her beautiful smile and her cute cheeks! And her gorgeous brown eyes! (I hope I got the eye color right!) You have two beautiful wonderful daughter, and each one is special and beautiful in their own ways.


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