Thursday, 4 November 2010

More chair love

Please imagine that above this sentence there's a picture of a beautiful Mog in beautiful clothes, sitting beautifully in this beautiful chair. There would have been, but life intervened. Sorry.

But ooo, look at her chair
Look at the most amazing stitching on the seat
and back.
Next time, I want them to stitch that seat cover rainbow out in different rainbow colours - how beautiful would that be?

Little Fish wanted in on the camera action, but refused to get up for it. She is struggling with the concept of switching the Nippy off and her own breathing on again in the mornings at the moment. Quite happy to lie there wide awake letting the ventilator take away all the work of breathing. Very odd to be having conversations with her whilst watching the settings which are telling me she's making absolutely no effort to breathe for herself.
I switch it off and unplug it, and she screams loudly and longly. Which would be bad, except that to keep up the volume on the screaming, she does have to take in large and deep breaths, and I figure that's probably a reasonably good way of kickstarting her own breath control once more. Slightly worrying that she seems to be needing it though.

And now for something completely different. A feline sacrifice to Euterpe.



MOM2_4 said...

Lovely! You know, with all that beautiful stitching, I bet they could have done skulls & crossbones ;o)

Hugs & Prayers!

Ashley said...

Looks like a beautiful chair, Tia!

We're still knitting for your girls down here in Newfoundland- Perhaps I'll have even more time soon as I'm heading in for surgery

Tina said...

Lovely chair.
As for the Nippy. I always undo the straps and losen the mask leaving the vent on so it blows into Eves face before turning it off. Otherwise she just stops. I leave the oxygen at 8 litres until she is in a good rhythm too then slowly wean it down.

Tia said...

Knitting exciting - hope the surgery is routine and recovery boringly uneventful.

Loosening the straps first doesn't work for LF as she really panics when there's a leak.

pippinsmum said...

The chair looks really snazzy and comfortable, hope Mog is enjoying it

kitchu said...

chair: the bomb.

little fish: i never knew she was on bipap or cpap? is it one of those?

mouse: well, i like the little suckers but i'm betting you're glad this one wasn't crawling around!

Tia said...

LF uses Bipap, Mog as of this spring now uses CPAP. I think our overnight elextricity use keeps Didcot Powerstation in business.


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