Sunday, 7 November 2010

Mog v Moggie

Camouflage cat's cunning plan to stay on the bed in comfort misfired when she chose to disguise herself as a knee cushion.Mog won the bed. Eventually. But camo-cat got her revenge, puncturing the mattress with a delicate claw.


Tina said...

Opsite works reasonably well as a temporary repair patch.
Glad a I checked that as Opsite auto corrected as posits. Which probably wouldn't work so well.

Tia said...

yep not convinced posits would help much.

Opsite would I'm sure be great except that the inflatable bit of the mattress is inside another plastic layer and I can't find the leak in either layer.

Hey ho; hurrah for sheepskin in the meantime - cats may still love it but they can't puncture it (at least I hope they can't).

Anonymous said...

Whoops, pets bring us joy and chaos just like the kids xxx

kitchu said...

she's a crafty cat, that one.


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