Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mog's Q and A time.

I've not been ignoring your questions - it's taken a while to find an awake and alert Mog without her sister (who is currently safely out at Rainbows). So, Mog decided to use a combination of wellying her switch until I fetched her book, the book itself, and then a note from school, to tell me she really enjoyed watching the panto Aladdin at school this afternoon - apparently they sang, and everyone shouted "Oh No it isn't!" and it was good fun. And then used her book to tell me she wanted to lie down, which is why the following video is horizontal. So I decided she might finally be awake enough to respond to an interview. I haven't posted the clips inbetween these three where the seizures took over.

The canned "Hello"s are coming from Mog's switch - she's kicking it out of camera shot.

And in a bonus, Mog decided to demonstrate how she uses her talking book. Book itself is behind the scenes; I couldn't hold it and the video. But she is now sitting beside me, with her cardigan off, wellying her switch again and telling me she'd like to get ready for bed.

So, I'd better go.

You have however made Mog very excited about the idea of using her switch with the computer. I can see I'm going to have to get to grips with our Crick Box and work out what she can do with just one switch.


Becca said...

WOW Mog I'm dead excited now - I got a Mogterview! Thankyou so much for answering my questions. I was thinking about doing a video back for you if you like, or an audio recording.

Tia - I can Internettily send you a ?3 month fully-usable free trial of the Grid to play around with, if you like. Marion Stanton, whose grown-up son Danny has pretty much the same impairments as Mog, has done LOTS of work with making it usable for people with that sort of profound physical + visual impairment.

If having switch/book really hasn't changed what she does at school I'd be asking why - although I do recognise that that one was more a ‘no comment’ than anything.

PS having seen Mog's yes I would be amazed if a small light switch under her chin caused her any sort of problem with the yes response. Have you had any dealings with CandLE? They might be useful - serious experts for making high-tech AAC accessible to Mog-type folk.

Sleepwalker said...

I'm so pleased to hear from Mog on here. The talking book seems to be a very useful tool for communication. Is Mog going to come on as your guest poster now that Little Fish is wanting more privacy?

You mean there's more??? said...

I think you may have started something, there will be no stopping you now Imi

Rhys and crew.

Alesha said...


Very exciting communication going on here! Delightful to get a look at it! (I think I might be encouraged to try something like this with Isaac.)

Have you done any work with the iPad? Our SLP is just beginning to use it a bit with Isaac. We have a Mighty Mo with a button, but it is such a heavy thing! (for me and Isaac) I can see the iPad would have great potential --- if you were able to get an extensive insurance (warranty) policy with it. Ike will be slinging it across the room, I'm afraid.

This was so exciting, Tia! Thanks for sharing.


AlisonM said...

Hello Imi

Lovely to hear from you, and we think that you do an excellent blog....we reckon you could take over it completely! See you soon, lots of love Alison and Paul xxx

Elizabeth said...

How awesome Mog! We love you and say "Hi" from this side of the pond.

Becca and her mum

Tia said...

LF will still feature - she just doesn't want me to blog about one particular part of her life, and that's fair enough.

iPad - lots of talk about them over here too. At the moment though I'm not sure how useful it would be for Mog as she doesn't have very much use of her hand. She could kick it, but not really with any degree of finesse - and we'd have to take her socks off for her toe to make it work. I do like the look of them though.

Mog can take over this blog whenever she wants - but I think she needs another scribe if that's what she wants to do!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you on here communicating Mog! Keep at it - you and L can have a conversation soon! :o)
Catherine x


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