Thursday, 3 February 2011

Still here

We haven't gone anywhere.

Mog has outgrown her school uniform, and since the school aren't doing a re-order any time soon I'm busy knitting cardigans in regulation colours.

Collecting new rounds of appointments for both girls; nothing major, just plodding on.

Planning Guide camp and trying to find someone to come and run a creche since we are likely to have quite a few under 8s with us this year.

And Little Fish has asked me to stop telling everyone about bits of her life, so I'm trying to work out what's fair to share and what isn't.



kitchu said...

well, i'm still here too, just haven't had time to check in on you guys in over a week or more at least, because i've gotten busy with the business of just being involved with everything and have had less time for leisurely things like blog reading. i miss it and especially you guys.

glad LF is sort of making her stand. i am sure i will soon hear the same from Miss E.

Becca said...

Was LF more specific about what she'd rather you not share? Would it help if she could see pictures of who's reading, maybe ask us some questions in return so it's less one-sided?


Might be worth checking Mog's opinion about this too, perhaps... not so easy for her to express things like that yet.

That's a bit of a milestone on LF's part actually, most kids don't start objecting to being talked about until they're at least 13. (LF as a teenager? Yikes!)


Tia said...

She was very specific about which bits she doesn't want to share, and I'm fine with keeping those offline.

When Mog's not around then she doesn't mind what I post. When she is, I ask but she likes photos and she likes people coming up and talking to her about things I've posted, so at the moment I think she's fine about it.

I never have blogged everything we have going on in our lives, so there might just be slightly more people don't get to read about. And more from my concerns rather than from the girls'.

pippinsmum said...

Glad to hear you are still around, no news is good news. Hope everything continues to go smoothly. I wouldn't have been able to resist turning that tap on.


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