Monday, 28 February 2011

Parenting fail number 31678

Get up, get girls up, watch as porridge boils over in the microwave. Clear up (ish), find drinks, get dressed. Find school bags, write in school books, brush assorted hair, fur and teeth, using mostly the right brushes for each. Coats on, non-school supplies extracted from bags, all ready for the bus.

Bus comes, two girls kissed and loaded. One empty, blissfully peaceful, house. And one beautiful empty day to enjoy. One computer all my own, all emails read, happy surfing without needing to defend the mouse from would-be CBeeBee-watcher. A little catching up, a little drifting, a cheese scone buttered. And just thinking about that perfect solitary drink, and pleasantly dithering between tea and coffee, knowing that both will be possible over the course of the day, potentially more than once.

A distant beeping; a delivery truck which sounds a little like the school bus. No parcels due; must be for someone else. And then a knock at the door. Oo, has that book made it from the States, or is it maybe medical supplies again? Hope it's the book, how perfect would that be for this wonderful empty day?

One bus driver, hacked off, and one small child, dejected. INSET day, no school for Little Fish. Oops!

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Excuse me; I'm writing this on the phone as my computer is no longer my own. And we are apparently off out to choose new paint for bedroom walls.



Sleepwalker said...

Oh well, at least you were home when she got back. Hope you got time to eat your scone at least. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tia

You've been quiet for a while. Hope all is OK with you and the girls. Hugs all round.

Lisa B - long time lurker 'cos I can never think of anything original to say.

Tia said...

Hi there and thanks for your concern. Sorry for worrying you. We're here. I've been on the computer less because LF takes it over when she is at home, and when she's out of the way I'm trying to knit Mog a new set of uniform tops and I can't knit and type at the same time!


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