Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mr Postman

Little Fish has a new game
Knock knock, rattle, rattle. "Hello, your postman is here. I need to you pay me, you must pay me for your post. Now, can I come in and have a sleep over? You need to pay me to sleep over too. You always pay the man to sleep over don't you Mummy?"

So I am, naturally, now considering moving house - any one know anywhere nice? And up a long and soundproofed drive?



Anonymous said...

L is looking at me in astonishment as I'm sitting here guffawing with laughter and with tears streaming down my face!
Your daughter is a hoot!! :o)))
Catherine x

Tina said...

Out of the mouths of Babes??????


Almost American said...

"You always pay the man to sleep over don't you Mummy?"

???!!! So sorry to hear you have to pay him ;-)

Anonymous said...

mmm, is LF getting her own back on you for telling her secrets??
& what's the going rate these days for a postie sleepover?
K x

Hazel said...

Ever find yourself thinking wistfully back to those days when her speech wasn't intelligible enough for easy interpretation...? Myself I'm continually grateful that most of the people around us don't speak English, although occasionally it does backfire on me.

Anonymous said...

What a child, you stories of little fish always make me smile xx


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