Sunday, 24 February 2013

A week of blends

Some people on our Blended Diet group have asked for some recipes, and I said I would post a week of blends. I don't usually follow recipes, just throw everything into the blender. So, for this week only, I'm entering everything I can into and recording the results. 

Tonight's blend - Eggs Florentine.
Three eggs, scrambled in 50mls milk. 
200g frozen spinach, blanched
1 small courgette (100g)
1 clove garlic, raw
150mls apple juice
1 potato (170g), microwaved in its skin
additional water from cooking the spinach to thin. 
Throw everything into the blender on low, turn up to high then notice centre of lid not on. Locate lid, press in firmly, wipe down walls and boiler, blend on max until a deep and frothy green. Pour into two 430ml containers, slurp an extra 60mls into a syringe and let cool. 

One pot for tea, one pot for lunch tomorrow, nutritional breakdown is for one serving not both. 


Edit - screenshot from nutrition data doesn't appear to be in focus. Link here

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Claire said...

Awesome! I'd drink that as soup.
My current goal is to make purée texture pizza that looks like pizza and that I would happily eat. I'm thinking cheesy mash, topped with blended pizza sauce, drizzled with pesto and parmesan.

We love 1 ingredient ice cream at our college. Cut up a banana, freeze it, blend it, yum! This also has the benefit that you can eat it if you need thickened fluids too1


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