Monday, 11 February 2013

Running away.

Half term took us by surprise. Too short a term, and too much tragedy in it. A week coming up with no plans other than hospital appointments; too much thinking time and not enough entertainment.

So, we skipped out of town. Fled the sleet and snow for the surprisingly sunny and not at all frozen Arctic wastelands of the North. And came to visit Miss Mog's very best friend.

A day to get here (ish). A day to get to church and then pootle, and today a day for Big Expeditions. Alnwick Gardens may never recover.

Fountains, cherry orchards not in blossom but with the hint of good things to come. Aconites and snowdrops breaking into flower, signs all over that Winter is over and the Spring is here. Beautiful green willow forming a roof over an accessible maze, zig zag pathways to zoom down, and an accessible tree house with rope bridges. And cake.

And friends, good friends. It's good for the soul.


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