Saturday, 1 March 2008

Under the Weather

Describes our household quite well just now.
Under the weather - ill, worn out. That would be Mog and myself. Little Fish remains offensively cheerful.

Under the weather in a more immediate sense - the night was incredibly windy, and for some reason Mog was badly affected. Seizures bad enough to need Midazolam, that didn't settle her either and eventually we ended up spending the night cuddled down in my bed where she alternately sweated and seized, depending on whether the wind was blustery or calm. Very strange. She's usually badly affected by Thunderstorms, but wind is always something she's enjoyed up til now.

And under the weather as in very much noticing the weather - our central heating is on the blink, so instead of a house kept at a cosy 21 degrees C (70F) we have a house which is determined to settle at the temperature outside. If I turn the heating on it heats us up to around 27C, so I then switch it off and let the house cool until we've all got jumpers on, turn it back on for an hour and off we go again. It must be quite well insulated; seems I need to turn the heating on for just an hour twice each day. Something I'll bear in mind once I've got it fixed.

Meanwhile I still have 5 pints of milk needing to be used up (oh, and a UK pint is 20fl oz not 16). and a bored Little Fish who keeps bringing me cooking implements. I think I should take her hint!

I know Trina will continue to appreciate prayers for Jophie.


Doorless said...

I hope you are all on the mend soon.
I had thoughts on the custard. Did you set it in a pan of water while in the oven? Also custard and Butterscotch pudding are my absolute favorites. I have not made them in a long time. I'd have to eat it all myself and you know what that would do! NOT good ! I will have to make some with Ashley.

Tia said...

I didn't, no. I will try that next time - egg custard is such a comforting food, especially with a sprinkling of nutmeg on the top.

I'm sure Ashley will love them!


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