Saturday, 2 August 2008

Away again

The van is worryingly full - no space for Mog to use the ramps, we'll have to bump her up the side entrance in the morning. There's a Mog shaped hole between her wheelchair clamps and a Little Fish shaped hole in her carseat, and that's about it. And we haven't finished packing yet. The more I put in, the more I remember I'll need.

It's a year since we had to fit in all our camping stuff as well as our regular holiday stuff. I am sure we didn't need this much stuff last time - in fact I know we didn't. Mildly depressing to see how many extra bits of equipment we are using compared to last year. More than mildly depressing is the weather forecast for Shepton Mallet next week - waterproofs are definitely staying at the top of the pile.

Now Mog and Courtney are watching television together and judging choirs, and our supper has just arrived.
Bye all


Doorless said...

Have a wonderful time even if soggy.
Your girls are sure to enjoy.

Robyn said...

have a great time xxx


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