Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Of seats and staying home.

Life with Little Fish becomes infinitely more bearable and even enjoyable if we are able to leave the house on a regular basis. Inside, she is a vortex of destruction. Outside she becomes interested in the world around, friendly greeter of strangers and suspicious starer at dogs. So we aim to spend as much of the holiday outside as possible.

It was unfortunate then that yesterday we needed to stay in all day to take delivery of this:
This will be Little Fish's new stationary seat for eating at tables. I was told it was a "nice little chair". I remain unconvinced. It definitely doesn't compare to our first choice, a Samba. Ah well. It's a Jenx Bee and I'm sure someone somewhere loves it. The rep will be out to fit it for her at some point in September, until then it can join our ocean of clutter stockpile of temporarily unuseable equipment.

The house meanwhile has suffered for our presence. Our cleaner quit on us on the first week of the school holidays - sensible lady. We have a temporary replacement who is very useful but does not have the same cleanability that our previous one had -having run a successful large B and B for many years she had gained the ability to give everything the "once over" in double quick time.*

As we waited in for yesterday's delivery we took a phone call. Mog's new off-roader was ready and would be delivered today. Excellent, another day sitting at home. Just what we needed. It's a bit prettier than the Bee though. And we could definitely have done with it last week - I've not had to de-mud a wheelchair with a pair of tentpegs before.

To this general clutter add the contents of a wet camping trip. Those nine loads of laundry scattered across the sunroom. Damp bags and stoves etc steaming gently in the kitchen, soggy tins rusting drying out before being replaced in the bus. Umpteen towels draped and drying. Add to this yesterday's washing up, and various assorted bits of extra chaos.

Take one large cardboard box and umpteen bits of packaging. Spread liberally across the hallway, combine with one child testing out the buggy and a second smaller child doing what she can to help by emptying drawers.

Hear one knock at the door, and open it in anticipation of our temporary cleaner/laundrywoman extraordinaire/children's entertainer. Instead discover one physiotherapist with a forgotten appointment.


* We love you S and this is not in any way a criticism of the things you do; my house would be drowning in crisps and laundry if it weren't for you!


Doorless said...

I too like the Samba better. More supportive and better adjust ability. Could you argue that the Samba would be better support for her back?
Love the off road chair for Mog.
You do have a busy little Fish.

Alesha said...

I KNOW...what are we supposed to do with that stockpile of unusable equipment?????

Some of it Isaac has outgrown. Some of it he hasn't grown into. Some of it just doesn't work for us.

But ALL of it is in our way! Argh!

I know we should be thankful for them...I'm sure I'd feel more grateful, though, if I didn't have to house it all indefinitely!

And there's only ONE of Isaac! You have double everything!!!

Once again, you have risen in my esteem. :-)


Tia said...

Oh everyone agrees that the Samba would be the best thing for her. But there is only one Samba in the OT store cupboard, and it's already being used by Little Fish's pre-school. They will provide one for us at home if this doesn't work, but we need to try this out first - if it was going to be ok then we'd have saved quite a bit of money which could then go on something else for one of my girls or for another child in the county. I don't mind trying it to see if it will work, but it looks as though we will have to take the expensive option after all.

Little Fish likes it though "That my Bee chair there" and I like the fact she can't push it herself - mealtimes are a little less messy or at least the mess is concentrated in one specific area!


MOM2_4 said...

Love the off road wheels! Glad LF at least likes the bee chair. Praying it will all work our to get the seating she needs.

I cannot imagine the laundry and camping gear and such you must be dealing with after camping in the rain... EEK ~ I'd be cowering in a corner whimpering if I had to deal with that!

Praying you will be able to get out and about soon to keep the girls happy and to help your sanity. HUGS!!!!

Michelle said...

I love Mog's new seat! Where did you get it? Is it a modification?

Tia said...

It is a Delta from Delichon http://www.delichon.co.uk/subpage.php?NID=1&SID=2
and very lovely!


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