Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Pit stop

One more wet strike, one more soggy tent sitting in my parents' house dripping gently, one van smelling of rain and mud.
Seven loads of washing steaming gently in every available nook and cranny.

Two tired children.
Lots of good memories.
One mountain of camping equipment waiting to be filed away somewhere.
One lesser mountain of smarter clothing etcetera needing to be sorted into suitcases.

A small heap of medications all requiring clear ziplock bags.

One ridiculously early start tomorrow.

Have I forgotten anything?
( kindly ignore the spelling mistakes; old envelopes do not have spellcheck capabilities)



Tina said...

hair brush and scrunchies??

Hope you have a wonderful time...love to you all!

Doorless said...

Hope the glasses are fixed before you leave.UGH ! Have a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures.

Elinor said...

Your energy puts the rest of us to shame. Have a great time.

Annalise said...

Can't resist commenting - just had to say I love the picture of the ducky in the puddle. :-)

Have a great trip!


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