Monday, 4 August 2008

Camping in the rain

Weather forecasts lie.*

We drove across the country wipers working overtime, torrential rain occasionally pausing to give a glimpse of lighter clouds but nary a speck of blue in the sky.

It's interesting putting up a tent in the rain. Especially a tent you've only ever put up once before, and that with the help of a couple of dozen willing helpers. Still, for future reference, I'd like to mention that it is entirely possible to pitch a giantly humongous Mayon Vario 6 single-handed, if your carer/friend person has to comfort an increasingly hysterical Little Fish as you get on with it you have to.

Tent pitched, we swam through seas of mud walked across the site to register the girls at their respective children's groups, and had an explore. We like Our Place. This is the special needs centre and it's fantastic. The girls along with other children with disabilities are delivered there after their children's activities whilst parents' activities run in parallel - or parents can attend the mainstream seminars knowing that their children are being cared for. Mog has a physiotherapist all to herself, and may be dividing her attentions between said physio and a children's nurse from our local hospital from tomorrow. Our Place also runs drop in sessions in the afternoon; this afternoon we arrived to find a paddling pool full of shaving foam.Mog and Courtney were straight in there, whilst Little Fish was a little more cautious.
I wish I could have photographed the delicious little girls sharing the pool with the girls; aged about three, she solemly took a large paintbrush, stripped off her shoes and socks and proceeded to paint her legs up to her thighs, coating them evenly with a thick layer of foam, before doing the same to her arms. The concentration on her face was absolutely beautiful. And we only laughed a little bit when she stood up and promptly skated down the groundsheet and into a pillar...

I have skipped ahead. This morning I think these little creatures were mocking usWe did manage just a few minutes of this after tea though, although there's a gentle pitter patter overhead again now.
A very late night last night, so Little Fish is currently snuggled up in bed and I am sitting here in an apparently empty field, with praise and worship music from the different evening celebrations are echoing across the empty tents. A thousand tongues to sing my great redeemer's praise.Tia

*For the non-uk readers - this is Stone Henge. I do think it's cool we can be driving along merrily from one not particularly special part of the country to another and suddenly come across things like this. Oh, and I didn't take the on the move pics, that was C's job!


Doorless said...

Thank you for sharing more of your beautiful country. It is wonderful they have these events for our kiddos.

Alesha said...

Tia, every time I see pics of your girls, it makes me so sad I didn't get to meet you all. Because I just want to squeeeeeeeeeze them both! They are SO cute! :-)

It looks like you are having a nice vacation there, in spite of the weather.

And Stone Henge - how cool!

Anonymous said...

looks like C is having a great time - she is certainly seeing a lot of the country (and sn kids!) this holiday!! Tell her J and M say hi!!


swift said...

It looks like the girls are having a great time, and the camp's well set up. I hope it goes well for you too. I didn't realise you could get hold of dish chairs in the UK!


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