Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Home again

We're home. 273 photos to sift through, so that won't be happening tonight. Two tired girls happily installed in their own beds again. One beautiful week with family.

One plate of fish and chips, provided by Dad in an end of holiday we'll get to the supermarket tomorrow kind of a fashion. Nicely ruined by yours truly getting overexcited with the vinegar bottle and forgetting it didn't have a sprinkler. Ah well, they're taste. Just rather more piquant than I was planning!

Proper updates tomorrow, just thought I'd pop in to say a quick hello.



Tina said...

Welcome home...missed you!

Robyn said...

welcome back..missed you too!

Alesha said...

(hope you don't mind the echo...echo...echo)

You were missed!
Welcome home!!!


Anonymous said...

You were missed. Glad you had a fun time . I love vinegar and salt on fish and chips. That is what I had tonight.


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