Friday, 27 November 2009


So, back in July, I thought Wednesday to Friday was rather a long time to have to listen to a smoke alarm beep every 63 seconds.

How little I knew.

Our second smoke alarm started chirping on Tuesday. I made the call, the fire service said they'd get out here soon. I asked them to hurry; it's the one outside Mog's bedroom so every 63 seconds I get a PIP from the alarm followed by a FIT from the child. They said they would call to arrange a time.

It's now late Friday night and no contact has been made.

I did offer to hit it with a mallet; they offered to let me know just how much I'd be putting lives at risk. I wonder if they know how much their lives are at risk if they don't come soon?

We're out most of tomorrow; the Guides are having a sleepover and whilst officially we're ducking out of the actual sleeping over bit I may just decide a shed full of pre-teen girls is less offensive than the chip chip pip fit.

Swine 'flu jabs tomorrowv morning; that, a peeping alarm and 2 dozen overexcited girls; this may just be the best weekend ever. Or very possibly not...


Tina said...

Can you not take it off the ceiling and throw it out the back door...that is what we have done as ours have serielistically failed! Then the Fire brigade have come and put nice new ones up for us.
They have supposed to have 10 year batteries in...we have only lived here thrree years!

Doorless said...

Wow! I am so happy that ours are different. We have two hard wired ones and three that are in each bedroom run by batteries that we can take down and change ourselves. that bbbp would drive me crazy or to leave home!


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