Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Songs from Little Fish

Little Fish has lots of little tunes these days.

Last night:
"Bob the builder, can we fix it?
Bob the builder, yes we can.
Bob the builder, can we fix it?
Bob the builder, no actually he can't."

And this morning:

"Everybody do this, do this, do this
Everybody do this, just like me.
Everybody do this, do this, do this
Everybody do this HEY STOP COPYING ME!"

I'm assuming "Happy Birthday to you, smelly bogeys and poo" is just another version doing the rounds of the school playgrounds, but the first two are her own little tweaks I'm sure.

Meanwhile, another beautiful but useless school photograph. Hands wonderfully posed, an enchantingly wistful half smile on her face, hair and teeth immaculate and shining. And a great shiny flash bulb reflection across her glasses. I don't get it - why can I, untrained, with a cheap camera, take photos without catching the reflection, but those trained photographers can't? Or do they just not think it's important?


Anonymous said...

Celyn school photo arrived home with her head tipped back. Would have taken 2 seconds to ask her to lift her head up.
I'm not paying £16 for a shot of her nostrils.

Alesha said...

This is not meant to be an excuse for the school photographer...they have the title - they should do the job well every time, right???

BUT have you ever "hung out" in the room with the school photographer for the whole day? It is, at it's very best, managed chaos! LOL! And depending on the principal, and teachers, sometimes NOT very managed!

Doug was a principal for a few years, and picture day can often be an absolute disaster.

So, I don't think it's that the photographer didn't care...(s)he probably just had a long line of children and very little time to capture each one's precious essence. :)

Again, no excuse - they should have done better!!! and should have better skills, especially for glasses. I know - I've worn them since I was 5! :)

Sorry they didn't turn out well. I'm really hoping you have a "do over" day??? Maybe you can be there for that one, and give some subtle hints!!!! Now doesn't that sound like fun??? LOL!

I hope your evening is peaceful,

Tia said...

Thanks for that reminder. You're right; trying to get 400 children shot before lunch must be complete and utter chaos. Unfortunately we don't have "do over" days here, but I do have lots of other photos of her. Just not a nice first "big school" formal picture.

It's sad when I remember last year's photograph. Yes, utter chaos trying to capture the 2-4 year olds in preschool together with assorted siblings. But they took the time to tweak LF's picture, doing something clever with photoshop too when they couldn't do it without.

Tina said...

Love the songs...pain on the picture.

sarah bess said...

Video please! Video please! of LF singing.
I take it Little Fish's Bob was the one who worked on your door?

Doorless said...

You have such a clever little fish!
We have over the years gotten some really bad pictures on the Elf at school. One you could see clear up her skirt and othere dead asleep tipped back in her chair. Ws did have one ggod one. The Elf is really difficult to photograph even for me.. Thank goodness for photoshop and digital cameras.

Doorless said...

I just had a thought! Can you scan the picture and alter it in photoshop ar contact the photographer and ask for a touch up?


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