Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Truth hurts

Photo has nothing to do with the conversation but it makes me smile.
Conversation at bedtime:

Mumma, Mumma, I can take my top off all on my own. I am a very big girl now.
Yes you are.
Mumma, umm, today, at school, we have PE. All my children, they get dressed themselves. I can't do that, Mrs Skello, she helps me.
Does she?
Yes, but, I can nearly do it. When I get a bit bigger, I can do it by myself. I am learning. I am clever, am I?
Oh, very clever! You're learning such a lot. And yes of course you'll be able to get dressed all by yourself when you're a bit bigger.
It will get a bit easier when I a bit bigger, will it? Can I? Can I?
Yes, you'll learn how to pull yourself up a bit more and then you'll be able to get your trousers on.
And then, when I a bit more bigger, I can walk too.
Well, no. You won't be able to do that.
Why I not learn to walk? I will be big girl?
Yes, you'll be a big girl, but your legs still won't work because we can't make your legs work. But you'll be even faster in your chair and maybe you'll be able to crawl too - you can nearly do that now can't you?
Mumma, Mumma? Why are you sad? You like a big cuggle now?



Anonymous said...

I want to comment but I'm not really sure what to say !! So please interpret this as whatever helps a little...
K x

sarah bess said...

shouldn't cry, i know it, but i can't help it.

Doorless said...

Awww! It's things like that that break a mum's heart. Bet you wish you could fix it all better for her. She tries so hard! Hugs to you and hugs to LF.

natasha said...

awww... hugs to you both.

she is a smart cookie.

show her some footage of paralympics....let her dream...

Sara x said...

Hugs for you, a smart girl and a loving mommy. xx

Elinor said...

Whoa! Tough call. Sending strength.

Kris said...

oh i've no doubts she'll be fast in that chair :O) it is amazing to me how resilient these kids are... post by post, i'm guessing i'll learn the same about your girl :O)

Ashley said...

Hi, Tia

Am re reading the whole blog, and have just gotten to this one. *Thank you* for being honest with LF. Some of us are told, over and over ,that we *will* walk if we just try harder. You told LF what she would be able to do.

Go Mummy!



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