Thursday, 14 January 2010

Displacement Baking

A shiny new (or good as new, anyway) oven, another day stuck inside, and a difficult day tomorrow. What's a girl to do? Tie on an apron, and bake. It's possible I went slightly overboard; I now have two chicken and dumpling casseroles, one vat of cauliflower cheese, an equally large vat of chocolate and oatmeal pudding, and a vast tin of Cornish Fairings (gingersnap type biscuits).

My oven is still shiny and new, and it is a positive pleasure to be able to smell the intermingled scents of casseroles and chocolate rice, rather than the thick black smeech I've been breathing in whenever the oven was on lately. The oven seems to be running a little more quietly too; I dread to think how many drips it takes to seize the fan up like that! I think we should be just about set for meals for the next month few days; Mog enjoyed a multisensory bakefest, and I feel as though I have achieved something.

Sadly although the oven is shiny, I now have a mountain of washing up to wade through, and need to find out whether my casserole dish is freezable. Eating the biscuits and dumplings does much to stave off thoughts of tomorrow though.



Tina said...

Oh I really think you need to come and practice your baking over here, I will throw in the use of my nice new super fast dishwasher to keep on top of the washing up.

I have a lovely new gluten free baking book you could practice on!

Hugs Cornish Fairings hmmmmmmm

Sara x said...

Can i come for tea please xxx

sarah bess said...

dreamed that my daughters & I went and visited you. was an interesting dream. hoping we meet in person sometime--so nice to have blog-friends here now.

MOM2_4 said...

Sounds like a very yummy day at your house. Sure wish I were in the neighbor hood and could just drop in. You post made me bake cookies! OK, not totally true, Kei & Jerry baked cookies ;-P I made curry.

Hugs & prayers!

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