Saturday, 2 January 2010

Frost on palm trees

This would have been a frostier photo but I drew the line at standing on ice in bare feet and pink pyjamas. There's definitely something unsettling about frosty palm trees though. Like rain in the desert, or sun for August bank holiday, it just feels wrong somehow.

The last day of our holidays today. Possibilities for pootling around the island, walking along a beach, meeting friends for lunch. And instead a day spent mostly horizontal, doing as little as possible. Repacking our belongings, wiping our traces from the flat and returning it to the anonymity of the holiday let. And then repacking our belongings, following Little Fish around in a futile effort to contain her, before giving up and settling for snuggled on the settee.

Mog not quite so hot today; a kinked feed pump possibly contributing to that, but a girl very definitely ready for her own bed again. Both girls sleeping in shifts it seems; last night one woke just as the other dropped off, and they seem to be repeating the cycle tonight. One unsettled simply by the change of bed, the other more by the fear I might disappear. Sympathetic friends, understanding my absence and delivering homemade Baileys icecream as compensation. However unsettled, the girls get no share in that!

And now they really do need to sleep. Somehow we need to be out of here by 10am; this evening's packing may have helped, but finishing the coffee this afternoon was definitely a mistake. Fun times ahead.

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