Saturday, 30 January 2010

Mog's haul

Mog had some late Christmas presents arrive last week, including a handy wodge of cash. With this burning a hole in her pocket, she was rather keen on the idea of heading into Oxford to pick up some longer trousers.

We hit Debenhams, and Mog made her choices. Discarding black jeans and blue jeans and orange fleecy things, she decided these purple beasties were the only trousers for her. She deigned to accept the denim leggings too, but anything else was carefully kicked off her lap and onto the floor.
Little Fish was less impressed with the suggestion of spending her precious Saturday shopping. Not even the promise of Grannie and Grandad to keep her company was enough to take her out of the sullens. But eventually she was coaxed into thinking a new pair of school shoes, big enough to fit over her new splints, might just about be a good reason to leave the house.
For reasons best known to the shoe manufacturers, it's impossible to find black shoes in her size. But navy blue has to be an improvement on pink with yellow ducks. In most people's eyes, even if not her own.

Walking past a sales rail or two, we had to pick up some essential supplies for our holiday next month - both girls have picked up new pyjamas and dressing gowns. Which they both decided they needed to get into as soon as we got home. Tia


Emma said...

Oh the joys of a a new dressing gown..snugly snug snugs :D Enjoy them gorgeous girls!

Doorless said...

They look so happily snuggly. Lovely . Enjoy, girls

MOM2_4 said...

Mog what great taste you have! Very classy new clothes!!

Tina said...

Fantastic. Love the purple trousers! Looks like a great day shopping! Hugs

Swift said...

Very, very snuggly! And nice taste with the trousers Mog.

[Although I half agree with LF - Saturday in town is fairly horrible due to the number of people who apparently can't see power chairs...]


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