Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snowflakes keep falling on my shed...

"I not eating that acos I am sick"
"No you're not"
"Yes, I sick, I not at school and I am sick"
"No, you're not at school because school is closed because there's too much snow. Now eat your lunch"

Why didn't I listen?
One cleanup later, one small sad floppy girl. Several further cleanups later, one small sad tired floppy and cross girl.

You've heard the expression "Running about like a headless chicken?" I'd like to add a new one: "Sleeping like a headless cat" Little Fish cheered up at the prospect of doing her school homework. School being closed for the last couple of days, the head has issued a challenge to all the pupils - build a snowman, take a photo, email it. Grannie and Grandad were summonsed to helpAnd Little Fish decided it was too cold to do anything active, so sat in a sleeping bag in her sister's buggy and directed operations. Grandad was unimpressed with the quality of the snow. Despite being the deepest we've had here for many years, it was too dry and powdery to be packed into upstanding snowman shapes. So we settled for Snowman Blob instead. I like it! Hope Kitty and the Mancub approve.

Oh, and Gotcha would like you to know he hasn't really lost his head.Excuse the boxes; schools are closed, the milkman and carers and postmen and binmen are all absent, but our chemist still managed to deliver on time. Three boxes, three bags, and I still forgot to order some of the stuff we needed. Ah well.

Meanwhile, anyone seen a stork?



Pagangracecat said...

Am echoing the "soft and powdery snow" opinion here in essex too. Utterly useless for snowman building - still fun to play in though.

Becca said...

Wow, you've barely got any. I went out in it on Wednesday and there was a good 6 inches on the ground - got my powerchair stuck with snow coming up over my footplates, managed to go out in the van and then got the van stuck coming home again.

What does Mog think of all this?

Doorless said...

Such a cute squishy snow man! Have fun! If you want some good snow I will send you some! I have more than enough to spare!


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