Monday, 15 February 2010

Holiday Lottery

The more organised and capable parent probably packs for holidays several days in advace, gradually adding to the piles as clothes are processed through the laundry, carefully ensuring an adequate stock of medications and other essentials, and taking steps to ensure the house will be in a welcoming state on the family's return.

Me - well, I get rather flustered about the lunch guest who turned up with 20 minutes' warning; thankfully enough time to cook up some sausages but I think one chicken breast between four of us might have been better arranged. And whilst the more organised Mum probably has a house decent enough for people to see for the first time, I personally spend 20 minutes running around shovelling everything out of sight and trying to sweep up the cat litter which has inexplicably spread throughout the house.

Which means I then spend the afternoon trying to find the odd socks which have now been scattered far and wide, and then spend the evening videoing Little Fish rather than making a start on the packing.

So, I'm off to pack now. And to relieve the monotony, I'd like to invite you to join me in this packing game. I have in the last twelve months forgotten to pack various different medications (one per holiday), dressing gowns (less important but chilly), any clothes at all (Mog enjoyed shopping), catheters (oops), feed supplies, chargers, and on one occasion, a wheelchair. So, your predictions for what I may have forgotten would be very welcome.

We leave at lunchtime; huge helpful elf points to anyone who mentions something I have forgotten before that time and therefore reminds me before we go. And after lunch? Smug points for knowing you were right (with helpful elf points if you can find a solution which doesn't involve going home or spending the entire day queuing in a pharmacy somewhere).



Anonymous said...

Ok here are some of my forgottens:

feed (yes really, poor boy had to miss evening feed and have juice instead)

extension tubes (yes you have been there when I forgot recently, luckily I was at the right house for a spare to be available)

no spare giving sets when 3 decided to be unusable- Abbott managed to post us some in time.


various meds - luckily had remembered the repeat prescription and so could persuade local doctor to issue more.

thats all I can think of but that is no guarantee there hasn't been more.

Hope they help ensure you do a forget nothing holiday ;-)


Silje said...

A child??

Arrangements for cats and getting cats there?

Socks for mogs collar?

Anonymous said...

your own clothes! (I did that once when we were going to a wedding!) Phone charger - other stuff for you I spend so long double checking meds bibs feed etc my stuff gets chucked in with 5 minutes to spare!

Presume you are living dangerously and leaving suntan cream etc at home! (assuming are staying in the uk)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Tia - makes me feel SO much better :o)
I've forgotten baclofen (several times) and diazepam, nappies / pads, syringes, well loved toys that L cannot possibly go to sleep without... Sure there's more, but I've obviously wiped it from my memory!
Hope this time you remember everything! And have a great time! Catherine x

R said...


Blue squares for going under bum for cathing/bowel care/changing

Loo seat/toilet chair/commode

Feeding pumps
?Communication aid
Suction machine
?TomTom/satnav (I'd be lost without mine... har har)

Clothing x3:
pants/pads inc sanitary equipment for you if appropriate
bra (you)/vests (girls)
socks inc for Hensinger
Shoes - at least one spare pair each
trousers, leggings, skirts and (horrors!) tights
t-shirts, tops, cardigans, jumpers

Coats, waterproofs, scarves, hats and gloves. Wellies? Brollies?

Swimming cossies, goggles, towels, swimming pads if needed

Medical: dry and wet meds, pill crusher, syringes, cool bag for rectal diazepam, dressing change supplies if anybody needs them at the moment, any meds for YOU, gloves, alcohol gel,

Just in case:
prescription lists and info sheet for each girl
replacement PEG or button
rescue meds inc for migraine, asthma etc.
Address and phone number of a) local GP and b) paeds A&E
Number for RAC and insurance people
exchange numbers with: neighbours, anyone you're holidaying with, caregivers for the cats, owner of holiday cottage

Um. How's that for starters?

pippinsmum said...

Goodness Tia, do you take a pantechnicon?

Doorless said...

Well, I am good at forgetting extension tubes, spare pumps and chargers and my own clothes.
Have a great Holiday and a safe one.
Bathing floats for the pool and pool pants.

Hazel said...

Becca's sounds good! I have an ongoing list which gets updated after every time we've been away and forgotten something because it wasn't on the list. It also has variations according to whether we're camping / going abroad /or whatever. Maybe I'm too anal, but it means I can more or less turn my brain off and just work my way down it.

Alesha said...

Hmmm...curling iron ( I always set it aside to cool, and then forget to put it in the bag!); phone charger, computer chord, any and all connections to either of those appliances; diapers (they're so big I leave them by themselves, and then forget to pick them up. how did you do?


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