Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Weather the weather...

Whether the weather be hot
Whether the weather be not
We'll weather the weather whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.

And it's or not at the moment.

Yesterday I left the house in sunshine, and in the ten minute walk to school I found hail, sleet, snow, and rain. And a very unnecessary lazy wind.

Today a fine fresh morning; I cracked the window half an inch to blow the cobwebs away (that's my kind of housekeeping). Having cleared out a pile of clutter from my bedroom, and impressively managed to unpack two boxes which were apparently untouched since our house move (2003?), I sat down with my lunch and a book. And the wind blew, and suddenly a fine line of snow hit me across the head and drizzled over my potatoes like a line of expensive rock salt.

We were sent a tree before Christmas. It lived for a month in our cloakroom (this being the coldest room in the house) before the ground thawed sufficiently for me to be able to dig a hole and bury the roots. It was then promptly buried in three inches of snow, and has been subject to alternate flooding and freezing ever since. Despite that, it appears to have grown three inches in the last three weeks. I'm a little scared - the tree info said it grows to 9 feet, Wiki says 22 yards. At this rate it looks like being house height by Autumn, and I'm thinking the neighbours possibly won't be too happy about that. On the plus side, if it survives this weatherly weirdness, I guess it is indeed the hardy easy growing model it's supposed to be.

I have three different weather sites up at the moment. Our town is supposed to be sunny and cold, snowy with sleet, or cloudy with much rain. Can I take the first option please?



Tina said...

Oh dear sorry!

Swift said...

Good luck with the weather! I'm hoping for the first too - had too much of the second today.


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