Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Move That Fish!

Today was one of the bestest kinds of days. The midpoint of the half term break; by lunch time we knew we'd broken the back of the holiday and could slide gently towards school starting again. And a day spent with the best kind of friends; ones who turn up and slide food into the 'fridge, whose children disappear off into the playroom dragging mine with them, and who will happily sit and drink tea and laugh with us when the beautiful fresh bread turns out not to have risen, and the jam tarts have stuck irretrievably to the bottom of the pan.

Just as the joys of CBeebies and Lego were beginning to pall, there was a knock at the door, and a postman delivering a parcel. We'd been warned to expect it; a cryptic email from my sister in law letting me know that "there's something coming, we tried it out with bicycles so it should be fine with wheelchairs" a few days ago. Perfect timing; the children unwrapped it together and and it proved to be an excellent bribing tool a useful motivator to get them to eat lunch before a trip to the park to try it out.

And look! You can use it with a wheelchair! The littler ones decided a long run up was necessary; we adults decided just jumping was enough. This may have had something to do with the different bodyweights involved; I couldn't possibly comment. It seemed to be popular; we had children from all over the park begging to have a go, small boys queuing up to stomp, and I'm sure we didn't really cause that woman to go into early labour. It wouldn't have been that early anyway.

More "fun" in the park. Fun for the children, backbreaking for those of us holding paraplegic five year olds up to the climbing bars for practice. And then back home for tea and cakes and cuddles.
Fun in the front garden with great enormous bouncy balls. Fun in the back garden with a fountain and pebbles. Fun inside with the toy kitchen and the bricks and the Lego and the puzzles and the paper.

The doorbell rang again at the height of the chaos, with small children everywhere and general debris strewn across the floor. Little Fish opened the door to Grannie "Oh no, we've got Visitors" she said, winningly. Despite the welcome, Grannie and Great Grannie tiptoed across the acres of clutter and joined us for another drink and more cakes.

And then they went, and the children decided it was teatime, and we decided if we fed them now we wouldn't need to later, and they ate more cocktail sausages and strawberries (for we are gourmet parents), and we drank more tea, and they started getting a little tireder and quieter
and happy to play sitting still games.

And then friends went, and bedtime happened, and my own two fell into bed and were both asleep before I'd finished hooking up their various night time bits and pieces. A good day had by all.

And the title? Inexplicable. The two youngest celebrating Ty Pennington with their own surreal twist at lunchtime.

Good times.


Sleepwalker said...

Can't see photo of mystery toy but description of fun is great.

MOM2_4 said...

I want to see the picture of the mystery toy, too! Sounds like a lovely day!!

Anonymous said...

We have one - they are great! Can let you know where to buy spares for when (not if!) you need them!


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