Saturday, 30 October 2010

Catching the Moment.

Clean girls, clean clothes, and a clear half hour before leaving the house. Mog awake. Little Fish happy, you'd think a nice photo would be child's play.
And then you'd remember how complex child's play really is.
And how much cooperation it requires.
And then you'd shoot whole series of these, and then you'd get increasingly cross, and the little one would stop smiling and start worrying, and the smile would get more fake. And the larger one would giggle but this would annoy the littlest one. And then you'd put the camera away and stomp off in a huff, running late.

But I will get a photograph of them both together. One day. Both smart, both smiling, neither suspiciously stained.

I just wish I knew how or when.


Anonymous said...

Good thing we have digital cameras or I would have wasted lots of film! I keep trying to get that elusive perfect photo also.

Pagangracecat said...

Oh they are beautiful girls Tia - however wriggly and blurred the pictures are it's their personality that shines through the image (even if it is a blurred image).

HennHouse said...

I agree with Anon! Thank goodness for digital!!

Sandra Fisher said...

Well they look gorgeous to me! Mog looking so grown up! xx

mq, cb said...

Perhaps you could try photo editing software? That way you could fix any unsatisfactory images. It's quite astonishing what you can do with it.

kitchu said...

you've such a way with words that always leaves me giggling... "neither stained" :)

i love these "out-takes" of photos. they are adorable.


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