Tuesday, 25 January 2011

For Catherine

It's not exactly low profile.
but I suspect you might be able to modify it - or find one that is. It's a Christmas tree connector thingy rater than luer lock, so potentially easier for thick syringes. Went in more easily than the button.

Mog has her button back now though - oh, and I'm told you can get extension tubes which go in straight, without the right angle bend. Again, may make things easier.



Tina said...

That's a similar tube to Rosies. She has now started to get sore under the retaining ring. The Christmas tree connector is much easier for a fiddling child to discovery without you noticing.
Glad Mog is back to the one you prefer.

Tia said...

I definitely prefer Luer Lock myself - Mog blows the Christmas tree ones so we forever feed the bed or wheelchair. Was just trying to consider it from the point of view of pushing real food through it rather than formula.

Catherine said...

Thanks for that Tia. Hmmm - I much prefer luer lock too. And I was hoping for lower profile than that. Guess I'll have to go back to the drawing board then!
C x


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