Friday, 7 January 2011


"Oh wow, Mummy, this is absolutely FUNDERFUL! It is amazing to be outside and it is night and we are in the water and it is hot and bubbly. "

One hot tub. Definitely the highlight of LF's week away. Myself, I'll vote for the company, closely followed by the cottage, but 'll go along with funderful as a description.

One very lovely holiday cottage, far bigger than it looks, with a very lovely fireplace. One set of insanely steep and twisty wooden stairs, making getting four wheelchair-using children into bed interesting. But a piano, a hot tub, a washing machine and a dryer and a dishwasher, a giant garden, and sand-proof (don't ask) quarry tiled floors; one very relaxing week.




pippinsmum said...

Funderful indeed. It looks gorgeous, how did you find it? One of these days we must go to that area, we always promised ourselves we would when our daughter was at Aberystwyth and we used to pass through rolling countryside. She went to Wales to study English!!!

Anonymous said...

Love LF's words--so expressive.
Sounds like you had a wonderfultime --so glad for you all.
Taking chairs up and down stairs is no fun!! Thankfully it can be done even more thankfully we don't have to do it often.

Tina said...

Answered prayer indeed. So glad all was funderful.

Tia said...

Ah we didn't take the chairs - ancient cottage, steep and narrow staircase with a door at the bottom and a twisty turn in the middle. Just grabbed a child at a time and marched them up then bumped them back down on laps. Only one of us fell down the stairs and she denies it, despite the other two of us having heard it!

Really lovely place though, and downstairs beautifully accessible.

Casdok said...

I have learnt a new word!! Love it :)

Sleepwalker said...

I like that word very much. Glad you've enjoyed your holiday.

Lucia said...

The hot tub looks very irresistible! I love hot water!


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