Monday, 17 January 2011

On reflection

Fond as I am of baths, and pleased as I am with the many bottles and packets of sweetly scented bubbles and lotions, I can't help feeling that, perhaps, on reflection, the Christmas Pudding novelty bath bomb may in fact have been an unfortunate choice.
I usually bath to get away from this.


MOM2_4 said...

LOL... I had to re-read this to make sure it was a picture of a bath... it reminded me of the contents of other things!

AlisonM said...

LOL oops!! You sure it was the bath bomb??!!

pippinsmum said...

The mind boggles, what did it smell like?

Sleepwalker said...

That looks pretty clarty. You just can't win sometimes!

kitchu said...

i think i liked all the hurrah's best... what a day for you 2~!

(i attempted this over 12 times on your post before this one, about your day with Mog and visiting all her nurses, so thought i'd try it and see if it worked here).

Tia said...

Sorry about that, Kitchu; I have my blog set so that comments on posts over a fortnight old are moderated - cuts down on spam.



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