Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday AllSorts

Sometimes my life seems to sum itself up into a series of Facebook Statuses (Stati?). Unrelated snapshots from the day.

Thus, this morning: Nor day nor night no carers.

Despite the lack of carer, I manage to get us mostly ready for church on time. Two of the three of us have brushed our teeth, using three of the four toothbrushes available to us. Two of the three of us have suffered to have our hair brushed, but not with our favourite hairbrush which has been left in Shropshire. Two of the three of us have had breakfast and one of the three of us has had a pint of tea. This may not be the best plan immediately before church. One of the three of us has picked up the suction pump, swung it across her shoulder, then, forgetting it is there, leaned forwards to pick up a candlestick, sending a deluge of cold and cabbagey suctioned secretions cascading down her back and into her pants. One of the three of us may never feel totally clean again, and is considering DIY dermabrasion. This same third of us is thinking that suction pumps ought to come with sealed containers. And an alert to remind carers to empty after use.

Later morning: A good service; always nice when God shows up too. I'm left wondering which Jesus I know best right now. Afterwards, a kind woman asks me how long I think it would take her to become familiar with the girls' needs, as she'd like to start babysitting for us.

Throughout the day: Tia is enjoying the King James Version Bible readings on BBC Radio 4.

Later: Tia is still enjoying the KJV readings but finding the Peppa Pig soundtrack to be a somewhat surreal accompaniment. Mog's chimes, on the other hand, add a certain "High Church" atmosphere.

Still later: Tia is hoping there will be a CD available at some point, because the readings are too rich to try to fight a losing battle with noisy children and hungry cats. And because Mog might enjoy listening herself as a change from Norah Jones one night.

And now: Tia is still feeling unclean, unclean, following the unfortunate suction encounter. Carers remain absent, and whilst Tia would be feeling smug about having managed to get both girls into bed and asleep slightly earlier than with the carers present, a brief glance around the room reveals the things Tia has not been doing in order to accomplish this.

Tomorrow, school for both girls and then a hospice trip for Mog. So now, bath with a Brillo pad or blitz the house to avoid embarrassment when tomorrow morning's carer arrives? Sadly no carer tomorrow either, so I'm guessing bath wins out,



MOM2_4 said...

Tia, dear, hate to tell you this, but just reading your post makes me want a bath!

Praying after a bath and, LORD willing, a good nights sleep you are feeling less unclean and ready to face the day!

Hugs & Prayers!

Catherine said...

I am a very horrible friend because I'm crying with laughter reading about your unfortunate episode with the suction pump! I think it must be your way with words!
I hope you still have some skin left and are enjoying a much less eventful day!
C x


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