Monday, 6 February 2012


The Little Princess has had her operation. Irreversible replumbing - mitrofanoff, bladder augmentation and ACE for those of a medical bent (or with the will to google).

Waved her to sleep at 9.30 this morning, had a frantic call from HDU about 15 minutes ago asking for her Nippy, got to the ward to find the Nippy gone.

And so it is that I know she is through the surgery - will be landing on HDU in around 15 minutes, and they'll be calling me once she's fit to be seen.

And I wonder why it is that the hour we had to wait this morning before she went to theatre was longer than the nine hours I've waited all day, and why this next 15 minutes are longer yet?

And I also wonder why this waiting room reeks of smoke.


Ps. Pic is view from my room upstairs in the Ronald McDonald house; my home until she's back on the ward.


Order and Chaos said...

tLP is in my are you all at the moment. Praying for a rapid recovery and the return of the happy smiley LP. God Bless her...and you xxx

Lisa B said...

That's quite a lot she's having done. I hope you both have a good night's sleep and tLP is back to her usual self soon.

pippinsmum said...

Sending Hugs and prayers for LTP,and a big hug for you. We are all in God's hands, what a comfort this is


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