Thursday, 1 November 2012


A gentler kind of a day today. England feels a long way away when friends have had the worst kind of a day and we can't be there, not to comfort necessarily but just to be there.

But small children need entertaining no matter what, and I'm sure our friends wouldn't have wanted us to stop everything. So, Epcot.

Clam rides with Nemo and boat rides to hydroponics factories and a quick trek around the world including arguments with trolls.

A lost child; tLP ran off, and you'd think she'd be easy to spot but she wasn't. I think she scared herself nearly as much as she scared me though.

Pizza for tea and a bottle of wine and toasts to absent friends, never out of our thoughts even as the warm balmy sun eased stiff muscles. The kind of day when you can feel the vitamin D seeping in through the skin, and when fresh Florida oranges (thank you, Alesha and Doug) drip vitamin C Togo with it and health and vitality jars with the news from home.

Tomorrow, back to the Magic Kingdom, and tonight, sleep. And thoughts and prayers with our friend's - I thank God that 4,000 miles is nothing to Him, and He can hear our prayers from here whilst being with our friends there. Or, as tLP put it "I think my Daddy God is very busy at work today"


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Tina said...

Glad to see you've been having such fun. Love TlP view of Daddy God.
Thinking of your friends back home xx


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