Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tip and Fail

This is a tip and fold seat. It's a very solid, very firm chair when untipped and unfolded. But it's also supposed to be an unobtrusive block towards the back of the bus when we have lots of luggage. Like now.

And I can tip it. Or fold it, whichever one it is which means collapsing the backrest against the seat. I can also push the armrest into its resting spot. But despite having two big red levers, I cannot get it to shuffle against the window.

Anyone have one and know the secret?


Anonymous said...

Seem to remember that we had to push down firmly on the seat at the same time as using the lever on the window side

PMDPeter said...

Correct. You need to push down on the seat to releave the pressure on the lever, then pull the lever towards you and then lif the seat and push towards the window where it willl lock.
The same goes when deploying it. You need to push towards the window before pulling the lever.
You get used to it. We had 5 years with the VW like it.


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