Sunday, 18 November 2012

The cute, and the not so cute.

First, Grolly. Those of a sensitive nature, or perhaps unused to the less pretty parts of complex medical needs may perhaps wish to focus on Grolly and then move on swiftly, without reading the rest of this post. Don't say she didn't warn you.
Next, weirdness. Mog's had a gastrostomy for about eight years, and I worked with children who had them for a good five years before that. That's a lot of feeds and meds, a lot of plunging syringes, making connections, blocking and unblocking. But I've never had this happen before.

 For those not sure what they are seeing, I am pushing some feed into Mog's tummy via her gastrostomy. The yellowish tube is connected to a syringe (out of shot, ran out of hands!), and I am pushing stuff through it. It runs through the button (white and clear plastic bit) and directly into her stomach. 

So far, so normal. 

What's definitely not normal is the purplish goo (her food) dripping out of the side of the button. That hole should have no direct connection to her stomach; it goes into a little balloon which we fill with water. The balloon holds the button against the side of the stomach and stops it falling out, like an earring stopper. 

So I'm pushing food in, it is somehow going into that water-filled balloon and then forcing its way out of the balloon port valve. Every day a new adventure. 

And then finally the gross post.Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here's what happens if you use mepitel on a burst blister, and the skin decides to go mad with healing itself, and grows through the mesh in the twelve hours the dressing is on. It's looking much better today, I'm pleased to say, although somehow the toenail has peeled off. How did I not notice the loss of a toenail? 

Both girls are falling apart a little. Mog's gastrostomy is still nastily sore, and she has another patch of soreness which isn't healing up. And the roof of her mouth appears to be leaking yellow goo, as of this evening. tLP is now toenail-less, whilst both her buttons are leaking, and her Mitrofanoff (artificial thingy whereby her bladder is linked to her tummy button via her appendix) is a little shocked too, after she attempted to insert a pencil into it to stop it from leaking. It's a good job we've got respite this week!


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Anonymous said...

Wow guess both girls are competing to see who gets the most attention! Ugh--that is really strange about Mog's micky button--even though we've had several kids with micky's here--I haven't ever seen anything like that--so no words of wisdom or any other. Would be interested to know what you find out .


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