Wednesday, 29 May 2013

2 steps forwards...

We aren't home. TLP isn't able to eat or drink very much, so is back on a drip. We have four sets of doctors all offering different theories as to why. I think the spinal surgeon who did the operation's theory is probably the most likely, and most of the other doctors seem to agree it is at least possible. However she's now been passed over to a different team who think things slightly differently, so we shall see.

Her spine looks great. She's grown a lot - 3-4 inches I think. Her pain is pretty well under control. The incisions are healing nicely, the X-rays look great, and she's up and in her chair and getting busier all the time.

She managed to eat a small amount today, and only half of it found it's way back to us again. And (gross description alert; don't read if you don't do bodily fluids) last night's vomit was a lovely pale yellow and orange rather than the deep dark green and black bilious yuck she's had all week. Which is, I think, good.

Sentences I never thought I'd say though "Yes, it's a very pretty pink. But put it back in your tummy now please."

Lots of air erupting from everywhere which is great, and a softer although still swollen and tender stomach. But progress. I think.



Anonymous said...

I think this sounds more positive than earlier in the day. Still hoping for your sakes its lunch at yours rather than at Toms ward Friday. Kxxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you aren't back home yet. Glad to hear that things were looking more positive yesterday, fingers crossed for a better day today
ButtonMoon xx

Tia said...

Current plan has us home either Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Linda said...

Glad tLP is bouncing back, and hopefully you will be home soon. She looks very tall in her chair now!


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