Sunday, 5 May 2013

Golden Days

Some days, life is just plain good.

A couple of not so great nights, but both girls woke up full of sweetness and light this morning. No battles over hair or choice of television programmes, no struggles with food, minimal choking, and a balmy day to walk to church.

TLP all revved up for Godzone, and Miss Mog being very clear about wanting to come into church instead. Normally, Mog snoozes through morning church. But not this morning. "Let's use our voices to shout praise to The Lord", and Mog was off, singing and cooing and generally making her presence felt.

Silence, apart from the odd choke, for the sermon. But an intent silence, and very clear silent YES responses which for another child, in a less orderly Anglican church might easily have converted themselves into "Amen, Sister!" in response to Ros' sermon.

YES God gives blessings, YES, blessings are good, YES, Jesus is great and YES Jesus loves us. YES, heaven is here and YES heaven is our future home and YES a new creation. YES the disciples were empowered and YES the Ascension changed the world and YES God is good. And on and on and on, pausing just to splutter and drown a little at times, partly I am sure due to the amount of movement and concentration required to produce so many clear and consistent YESes (Mog can't talk, but opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out to say YES).

Silence for the prayers and YES she wanted to go forwards for a blessing herself at the end. Our church is not built for wheelchair users to go against the flow of traffic, but we managed. And YES she wanted a blessing and YES she welcomed the Holy Spirit.

YES she wanted to tell Ros how much she'd enjoyed the sermon and YES she'll take another blessing, thank you very much.

And then home, and get ready to visit friends. And YES please to having her nails made beautiful, and YES please to lots of food, and YES YES to seeing the new chickens.

Meanwhile tLP put her princess dress on, hearing that another princess was at the house of our friends. Sadly no princess appeared, but she and her friend enjoyed a rousing light saber battle or two, as she demonstrated her a) total unawareness of any thing Star Wars related b) willingness to join in anyway, and c) total lack of fear of dogs. Which is a huge change from the weekly clingy little thing she used to be.

A golden afternoon; good food - first barbecue of the season for us if not for them - good friends, and jolly good fun. Just being able to be outside, sitting down, in short sleeves. I think we'd all got to the point of doubting that would ever happen again.

A shortish seizure interrupting events briefly, but treating it with diazepam actually meant we could stay longer rather than needing to race home for regular evening meds. Blessing in disguise maybe?

Giggly Mog, chatty happy tLP, all children entertained and the chance to catch up with friends. A bank holiday weekend without rain. And now home, and a very late night, but two three happy contented sleepy sleepy people.

Night all, God bless.


R said...

What an absolutely wonderful day! I'm really pleased for all 3 of you. Particularly for TLP and her splendid lightsabreing and dog fearlessness. I don't think we'll have a girl geek of her any time soon, but hope lasts... :)

(Would Mog, I wonder, have used her switch for all those YESes... and what would have happened if so?!)

Tia said...

Her switch is a bit dodgy again at the moment, although we currently have one with a sequence of messages on it - a few different "hello"s, a request for her talking book, and some comments on life. She was kicking it a little but it was definitely more of a mouth day than a leg day.

What happens if she kicks it in church? Same as happens to any other child sitting in church, I tell her to shush and turn the volume down low, then we have a whispered conversation about whatever it is she needs.


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