Thursday, 23 May 2013


Stupid is tLP's word of the day.

It's all stupid. Surgery was a stupid idea, HDU is stupid, nurses are stupid, doctors are stupid, and I am possibly the stupidest one of all.

I can understand that. A bunch of doctors sliced her open at neck and pelvis, slid rods down under her skin, and screwed them into her spine in places. It's sore. And the morphine makes her itch, and itching makes her wriggle, and wriggling jiggles the sore bits, and then it's more sore. And a cuddle might make it better but we're all telling her to stay still and not sit up.

We're all very stupid and she hates us.

But - and here's where I hope blogger on the phone doesn't shuffle the photos - take a look at her back in the blue tshirt, a couple of years ago. Take a look at her back minus the tshirt, 12 months ago. Consider the fact she has grown shorter, not taller, since then. And then take a look at the picture of her back behind the pillows currently supporting it.

That's quite a difference.

I hope she'll forgive us when she can get back in her chair and see for herself how she has grown.

It might take a lot of salty crisps though.



Anonymous said...

Wow! How much taller do you reckon that's made her? Amazing :-)
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is quite an amazing difference - really hope tLP is pleased with how much she has grown in a very short time! Hope that 'stupid' isn't the word of the day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

And I'll echo the other comments-Wow--what a difference
Sure hope her recovery goes well and quickly---

Lisa B said...

Hope she is more comfortable soon and very pleased with the results. Her back looks quite a bit longer.

Unknown said...

Yes, there is a huge difference.

GG said...

My cousin had similar surgery at age 16 because his spine was curving in such a way that he was not able to breathe properly. He also got taller. Tell your girl lots of people are thinking about her and wishing her the best.Sorry she is itchy and cranky and sore.

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing difference! I hope tLP's recovery goes smoothly, and that she finds today a little easier
ButtonMoon Xxx

pippinsmum said...

Wow, and she is a very brave Princess,and yes morphine is horrid, and it did horrid things to me, and TLP is much braver than I was


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