Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mobile again

4 days post-op, off all lines and drips and monitors, out of bed and on the move! She amazes me. Next step, find a hairdresser, as I've chopped at least a foot off with green disposable stitches, not my finest styling ever.

Back pain generally pretty well controlled by a paracetamol, codeine and diclofenic cocktail. Sadly her guts are still distinctly under-impressed, and most of what she eats and drinks makes it way north not south, whilst an ever-increasing mound of air rounds her stomach out and has doctors drumming on it in joy at hearing something so hollow.

Trump-juice cocktail is harder to track down, but it isn't slowing her down too much.

That said, last night was particularly hideous due to blocked catheters and vomited pain meds, so I'm hoping for a much quieter night tonight.


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