Friday, 10 April 2020

Day 25.

Another crazily warm day. Shorts for my girl, not for Captain Bruise, although I’ll have to find him a stash of bigger summer clothing at some point I think.

Quiet. Calm. Lying on the trampoline at one point, watching the motionless clouds in a clear blue sky. No vapour trails. Not even the tiny traces from impossibly high. Instead just a sky do achingly beautiful a stack of cherubim and seraphim would not have looked out of place. A carefully stylised country house ceiling, not an actual sky.

Swapping photos of the sunset with a friend. So thankful that whilst we are living at such a ridiculous distance, we still share the same sun and the same sky. On this day we have been together for seven of the past eight years. And the eighth? We were together last week instead. So many memories of the children in the same spaces growing quietly older. A gap, of course, when Imi no longer featured. And then a very welcome addition.

The photos tell us this warmth is not unseasonable. We would appear to have had co distantly good weather this week; more reliable than during our August camping trips.

But not this year. Our girls Zoomed. Our boys got on with life. And we had a brief video chat. It’s not the same, it can’t be. But it is still very good to see each other, to stop just for a minute or two and have an adult conversation.

I dislike this separation. But it is Good Friday here today. And we have Hot Cross Buns, and we have tradition, and we have Hope. Which is more than the disciples had. We will get through this. And some of it will even be fun.

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