Monday, 20 April 2020

Day 35

Today was not such a good day.

Started by blasting D’s bed with his breakfast, when syringe detached from extension tube. Such fun. Smoothie and weetabix all over his clean clothes, bedsheets, and precious beloved blankie.

Strip boy, change boy, strip bed, toss in the wash.

Caterpillar catastrophe compounded by someone helpfully chopping them down in daylight and leaving the nests untreated so all the poisonous wee beasties escaped into random corners of the garden.

Much squishing and stomping and squelching and squirting later, caterpillars won and I gave up and came inside.

So did they.

Cleanclothes. Hot wash on once more.

D spied his damp blanket hanging up and grabbed it, took it through to his bedroom, and had a poonami like no other.

Blanket back in wash, toothbrush sacrificed to clean the piedro boots and assorted bed toys binned.

On inspection, further poo turned out to be hiding on the trampoline.

Caterpillars still creeping everywhere.

Several showers, five loads of washing, a full Brown Ben, and a deeply thankful Tia. For bedtimes and new starts in the morning.

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