Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Day 36

We should have been at a Multi-disciplinary Assessment for the boy today. A very long awaited appointment to look at his development, his communication, his general overall uniqueness, and to see which, if any, boxes he fits into. We were expecting him to be recognised as autistic. Instead, we are here, still at home, hospital remains closed to outpatient appointments like this, and whilst there has been zero communication, I assume a new date will be sent out in due course. We’ve only waited 18 months since people finally agreed to put us on the waiting list.

Today I have also had to reject the offer of a telephone based CAMHS appointment. Again, we’ve only waited two years for this urgent referral; what’s another few months?

And a phone call from social services, asking me to nominate two alternatives for if I am suddenly unavailable to care for my children due to getting ill myself. Thanks. Shall I make my will too?

Poisonous caterpillars abound, and I am now covered in brown tailed moth rash. This is irritating. And D cannot understand why I am unwilling to push him on his swing under their nests any more.

So that’s the downside. Meanwhile, the garden remains unaware of its toxic invaders, and remains as beautiful as ever.

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