Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Day 15

Something accomplished, and our garden playground grows. As does the collection of cardboard outside our front door; with our waste deliveries shrinking regularly I’m really hoping cardboard and excess recycling is not a casualty until after this week’s has gone at least.

Reaching the stage where I regularly completely forget what day of the week
It is now. We get up, D takes me outside, A does her schoolwork. We stop for meals. And repeat.

I am deeply thankful that we have a garden. The fence panels are becoming looser with every rainfall. I see pictures of neighbours removing panels so they can have socially distanced drinks together apart. This would not work with a D. I just hope that however long this lasts, we can keep the boundaries boy proof until we are welcome in the wider world again.


mq cb said...

I'm glad that you're still writing. Could you reinforce the fence in some way? I have a picture in my head of that orange plastic netting wound that's supposed to be temporary when you want it to be, but sturdy enough to provide a barrier. Would that work to provide a visible boundary for D?

Tia said...

At the moment it’s still D-proof, but yes I think I may have some metal netting fence type stuff rolled up at the back of the garage somewhere.


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