Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Busy day today. Started much too early as Mog woke with a bump. Or collection of bumps; a big long seizure anyway.

By 10 o'clock in the morning I had organised both girls up and out to their respective schools, collected Mog's nappies for the month, collected medical letters for our holiday, failed to collect a prescription (will have to try again tomorrow, which will make it three trips into town just to collect a single piece of paper), sorted out money with the bank, and made it to Mog's school for a coffee morning.

I usually have both girls with me for end of term coffee mornings. Forgetting that I only had Mog, I blithely broke off a piece of pastry from a cheese straw, and poked it into her mouth. Little Fish is getting quite good at coping with this; she'll either fish it back out again with her fingers or suck it til it's soggy then swallow it. However this was Mog, not Little Fish, and she promptly had a big choking fit and then stridor for the rest of the day. Oops. Sorry Mog.

She might have forgiven me for this (it was tasty pastry, after all), had I not also forgotten to send her a bottle of her formula in with her. So she had water for lunch. Again, oops, and sorry, Mog.

Left Mog at school and zipped round to collect Little Fish from her preschool. Then back into town again to have lunch with a friend, very nice. Quick trip to Waitrose to gather Bonjela (which I forgot to buy), sudocreme (ditto), and bread. Back home for just long enough to change Little Fish and for some reason sit and watch 60 minute home makeover. Oh my. Take one reasonably respectable house (beige sitting room, neutral bedroom, pink and cream girl's bedroom and admittedly dated kitchen), take one hour, and transform it by hanging horizontal blue, brown and black wallpaper in the sitting room (why? WHY?), paint the kitchen a colour described as "sludgey lime green", shrink the bedroom by hanging red and gold draperies everywhere, and then pull the child's bedroom apart and make it more suitable for longer by replacing one pink painted wall with one wall of wallpaper with butterflies on it. The house did look alright afterwards, in a sort of ultra-modern anonymous Habitat/IKEA/Argos catalogue fashion, but overall I'm not sure why they picked the house in the first place; it didn't seem that bad. Nor am I sure why Little Fish and I sat and watched it, other than that she was glued to her "pretty potty" and I had a cup of coffee in my hand.

All things come to an end (although some not soon enough), and it was time to throw Little Fish back into the bus, grab her chair and then whizz round to school to collect Mog. Off to meet Mog's other family for a special story telling session at the hospice, a nice chat (and another Easter Egg), and then home again for tea drugs and bed.

Tea and bed for the girls, that is; I'm still up waiting for Mog's milk to finish. My fault entirely for
forgetting to send her lunchtime milk into school. Should be finished shortly and then I can follow them to bed. And hopefully this time not be woken by Mog the early riser nor by Little Fish the remover of breathing masks.

Another day in the life

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Doorless said...

You had me rolling on the floor laughing with the pants. I have had similiar experiences. Glad you got your coffee.
Don't you just feel bad when you forget a feeding for school. I have done it with both girls and just yesterday I had forgotten to turn Alicia's pump on after her bath and didn't realize it until it was the normal time to hang another feeding.


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