Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Little Fish the photographer

Hello, it's Little Fish here. Mummy was busy and I found her camera. I am very clever, I worked out all the buttons I needed to press to make it make funny noises. Here are some of my photographs I took.

Self Portrait:
More of Mummy:
My sister Mog:I'll try that again:
Mummy says I have to leave the camera alone now!
Little Fish


Alesha said...

Dear Little Fish,

Your pictures were just lovely.

Please tell your mommy that she can leave that sweater she's wearing in your pictures at HOME! Because when she comes to Florida, she will NOT need it! :-)

{It's mid-80s (F) already. You might need a light sweater or jacket for early morning or late evening, but that is all.}

Keep up the good picture taking!

Robyn said...

very abstract and artistic LF...be sure to take lots of pics in Disney..!!!

Doorless said...

Awesome views from the LF perspective!
What talent. . She is adorable and will surly enjoy her trip. I can't wait to hear about it all when you get back.


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