Monday, 21 April 2008

The Monday After the Fortnight Before

From this:
To this:
So far today:

Phonecalls to
Health Visitor
Wheelchair repair
Sitting Service

Letters to
Holiday helpers
Wheelchair suppliers
Niece and New Nephew

156 emails

Washing, unpacking, ironing, clean bedding, finding homes for all the girls' new clothes and our two shiny new suitcases.

Still to do
Disability Living Allowance Form (yuck)
Tax return (double yuck)
Passport photos for the girls for the holiday forms
Passport application form for Mog (2nd attempt)
Clean out the fish tank.

Meanwhile, in our absence, Bob has been. Hurrah? Well not quite; he has arrived, he has rearranged items in the sunroom so his tools are in the front and my clothes horse is at the back and inaccessible, he has moved the fishtank from its alcove to the only free bit of worksurface, ensuring I now have nowhere to chop veg or cook or stack the dirty dishes before washing them up, he has filled the alcove with packs of tiles, and he has disappeared again. No progress in the garden or anywhere else, and reverse progress in the kitchen.

Take me back here again please!



Doorless said...

You are back! Shame on Bob! I am so glad you had a great time. The girls looked like they had a great time.

Tina said...

Glad you are all home safe and sound and well.
Glad you had a great time.
Sorry the real world is no better than you left it!


Anonymous said...

Ugh--sounds likes an awful reality check-
But how wonderful you have such great memories and pictures of a grand vacation.


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