Friday, 4 April 2008

A new twist in the Bob tales

I caved. I wasn't going to contact him, I was just going to wait it out. But I needed to know how much his bill was likely to be, so that I knew how much we'd Mog would have to spend when we go on holiday. So, I asked.

Which, inevitably, led to a request for the money to be paid. So, Wednesday morning I collected money from the bank. Bob said he'd be here on Thursday, around lunchtime, to pick it up. Not really believing it, I made arrangements to stay in, and he did indeed turn up at 1PM. A good start. Even more hopeful signs; he brought a worker with him - this is clearly a man not just turning up to collect money but also willing to work for it. Great. They then spent 2 hours gardening. Not building, not finishing the many little tasks which need to be finished, but mowing the lawn, strimming the edges, and picking up the rubbish. Lovely - but not, strictly speaking, a building-related task. Thirty minutes at the end of the day was spent doing a little tiny bit of actual building work.

They then left, without taking the money. Bob asked me again if I would pay him, I told him the money was here and he said he'd be back today for it. Little Fish and I have been here all day, with the exception of a 20 minute dash to the post office to collect our currency. It's been an absolutely beautiful day, perfect outdoor building work weather. So, has Bob been? Or has he yes again vanished?

It's not that I mind not paying him - I would far rather not give him any more money until he's actually finished. But I do object to having spent today waiting for him, rather than heading into town to do last minute pre-holiday shopping stuff. Now I'll have to do that tomorrow, with both girls in tow. This gives me the choice of pushing both girls around town in manual chairs (doable but stressful) or pushing Mog and letting Little Fish drive herself around in her power chair (easier but means we can't get into some of the shops we need to visit). I suppose there's a third choice, do without the things I was hoping to get; this is looking to be the most likely option, but I was hoping to pick up some little "keep a three year old quiet on a plane trip" bits and pieces. It's also odd - who fails to turn up to collect money? Failing to turn up to work I can understand, but failing to turn up to collect money?

I wonder if he'll come in when we're away, if I will come back and find it all finished? Anyone want to come and put a twist in his tail?

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Robyn said...

imagine if you came home and it was done....omw, the blog would be lost without the tales of Bob and his ongoing building saga...:)

anyway perhaps he will be like the washing machine repairman or such like, and turn up at 4.59 (I did say between 9 and 5, love)........


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